So, you have been visiting a while and now you want to know how to become a member. Here are your options.

Talk to the Pastor. If you’re new to Meridian or Andrew Chapel, we want to get to know you. Specifically, we’d like to know: What is God doing in your life that has led you to Andrew Chapel? And if you’ve already been worshiping with us, we’d still like to visit with you about your decision. The Pastor will arrange to talk with you about your faith journey.

Join any Sunday. If you’ve discussed your desire to become a member with our Pastor, you may come forward at the conclusion of worship on any Sunday and unite with us. If possible, it will be helpful to our Pastor to let us know you desire to join. If you are a first-time believer, you can join by “Profession of Faith” – making a first-time profession of your faith in Christ. If you are already a United Methodist and a believer, you can join by “Transfer of Membership” from another UM congregation. If you are a member of another denomination and a believer, you can join by “Transfer of Membership” from another denomination. If a person has never been baptized, we will need to know this to schedule your baptism either on the day you join or at a later time.

You may also attend a “Coffee with the Pastor” and join there. This is a unique time for you to meet our staff, and learn about Andrew Chapel’s ministries, and possible membership.

During the CWTP, we will briefly explore together:
• Methodism as part of the Christian tradition
• The “core beliefs” of United Methodists
• An introduction to Andrew Chapel UMC and our ministries
• Our vision for the future
• Our expectations of new members at Andrew Chapel

Anyone who becomes a member or wishes to become a member should attend a CWTP. Following each CWTP, persons may immediately join and even be baptized. To find out when the next “CWTP” will be held, please check the church calendar. They are held on the fourth Sunday of every month , immediately following the morning Worship service in the fellowship hall.

Ways to become a member of our church:

By Profession of Faith and Baptism

Begin your life of faith in Jesus Christ by receiving Christian baptism. Baptism is a symbol of God’s grace and a mark of your life as a Christian. It is an indication that you believe in Christ, want to be a part of His church, and intend to lead a new life as God enables you. To be baptized, contact our pastor who will be happy to set up a time to explain the meaning to you and schedule your baptism.

By Transfer from another United Methodist Church

Our church invites you to become a part of this congregation in our community so that you can attend worship and serve with our people. The church office handles the paperwork with your previous congregation. All you need to do is contact our Pastor and he will set up a time to speak with you about your desire to join our congregation.

By Transfer from another Christian Denomination

United Methodists accept your Christian baptism from another denomination and do not require you to be re-baptized to join our church. We welcome you into our congregation as a full participating member.